Our VISION Thing

Adcom is not just an agency...
What we really are is an ethos...
Where we all strive...
Not to be simply large...
Not only to be profitable but...

To be the best-in-class

Our CORE Values


We understand our clients, their Products/Services, the market, the audience, the culture and the nature of our country well. We implement strategic planning, brand positioning and communication strategies. We do researches, focus group and surveys to clarify what’s needed.


We are a team of dedicated, target driven, goal oriented and pro-active people. We deliver quality and professionalism in all aspects of work.


We believe that change is the only constant, that’s why we try to innovate by bringing fresh and different ideas. We don’t wait for the idea to come to us. We go to the idea..


We have been able to maintain our long term relationships with our clients. We display financial integrity and transparency. We provide an invigorating workplace with sterling traditions where we growth in mutual.


Our combined passion, conviction and belief in what we do, who we work with, how we work, is what makes the difference. Giving you what you want versus giving you what we believe is right!.