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Adcom (Private) Limited was established in 1965 by Mr. S.M.Akhlaq. 47 years later, it has evolved into one of the largest and fastest growing advertising agencies of Pakistan.
Today we operate with a team of highly creative, talented and dedicated people. providing our clientele with innovative advertising solutions, account management, intricate strategies, and other specialized media services.
In our journey we have also won many accolades and awards that reflect our collective creative intelligence and passion to maintain Adcom's legacy as a hardworking and perceptive agency, always ready to roll up its sleeves and look forward for the next big challenge.



The challenge: March 2006

- It was one year into the launch of Telenor in Pakistan, and the challenge was mounting day by day to compete with the giants like Mobilink and Ufone. Feb '06 had seen the unfortunate "cartoon incident" and its repercussions were evident throughout the country.
- A brand architecture had to be developed which would help address a segmented market and Telenor had to be re-positioned as a Pakistani company with communication that was effective and relevant.
- The new international Telenor logo was launched in June 2006 and subsequently brands such as Talkshawk, Persona were launched, and Djuice was re-vitalized.

The result

- Telenor Pakistan has become the 2nd largest cellular company in terms of revenues and is neck to neck for the 2nd position in terms of subscribers.
- It"s the most highly recommended brand (brand equity study).
- Telenor has continued to establish creative benchmarks in the industry with its advertising. All Telenor creative work since September 2005 has been conceptualized and executed by Adcom.
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The challenge

- Tapal wanted to enter into the PF1 market
- Targeting the rural Punjab market (In the wake of A1, the competing brand from Unilever, repositioning itself as an urban brand.)

The brand
-"Tezdum" name was developed along with a differentiated silver foil packaging.
- Positioned as "a strong cup of tea that brings out your real inner strength"
- Mustafa Qureshi was used as a brand icon
- A "horse" was part of the brand imagery
- Brand activation included adopting a sports related platform with rural sports like football, kabaddi and horse racing in focus.

The results
- Tezdum has become the fastest growing brand in the Tapal portfolio
- Year on year, sales have surpassed targets!
- Major part of Tapal's Rural Development Program
- Tapal's brand for the future!
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The challenge

- 4 years ago, Honda enjoyed a 55% market share of the motorcycle market
- Dormant advertising presence
- The Chinese ckd mfgs were making aggressive in-roads
- An aggressive television advertising campaign was launched based around the slogan.

The result

- In the subsequent 3 years, the motorcycle market grew from 300k to over 600k
- Honda defended its position, and aggressively grew its share to 60% Unit sales increased from 190k to over 300k
- The campaign was one of the most highly recalled campaigns of the period
- The slogan has become a part of the lingua.

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The challenge

Nando's, the first and only South African restaurant brand to successfully extend its operation internationally, opened their first outlet in Karachi in 2001.

It catered to the rapidly growing worldwide trend of "fast casual dining" and a greater awareness of health and nutrition.

Despite a presence in major world capitals such as London, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Cape Town and Sydney, Nando's was an unknown brand name in Pakistan (except among the expatriate crowd) as compared to Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonalds.

Eating-out is considered as a primary form of entertainment for families and groups regardless of age or income group. In the local context Nando's had two primary competitors for share-of-mind: McDonalds (fast-food) and Pizza Hut (Casual Dining).

Nandos in Pakistan was an unknown brand with an unusual food-offering.
The brand leveraged its international brand status and used its cheeky and irreverent brand personality, that had been tried and tested to be highly adaptable in international markets. It created a distinctive voice that was witty and humorous, adapted to local nuances by using vernacular elements and topical subjects relevant to the local context.

The results

With a "shoe-string" media budget, using mediums such as small size billboards, direct mail and in-store materials, Nando's has created a stir in the Pakistani Market.

Its "tongue and cheek" form of humor, not common in the Pakistan's advertising landscape, got tremendous top of mind, especially in the SEC A and corporate circles.

Its advertising has won awards and has received PR mileage on numerous platforms.

It has now got 5 outlets, with others on their way. Sales have continuously broken all targets.

It weathered the "Bird Flu" storm and has successfully created a market for "chicken" based restaurant food... in a country where most people are red meat eaters!

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